Any opinions?

Yea'ya!!! I'm Samoan!
And I'm cool!!!

Okay okay
OKAY Hedi!!!
Lol... I'm writing!

What can we do to make
this group more interesting?
Any opinions?
Because we most
post in here more offten?
Anyone else agree?

I'ma work on a new layout
and some other stuff to
spink up this
here LiveJournal group!!!

Anyways... just
get at me if you
have any think to say!

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(no subject)

in all the excitement of joinin i forgot to fill out the survey i kinda shortened it hope you don't mind....... :)

what is your full name?...irene-angel launiu walker lepulu
do you have a nickname?...rene..reney
when is your birthday?...july 11
how old are you?...18
what is you fav. color?...the color of squirt on finding nemo..
are you a righty or a lefty?...right handed
do you have a b/f?...nope
what is on your computer screen?...SAMOA
are you fire, water, air, or earth?...water
do you like loose or tight clothes?...loose shirts/tight pants
who is your favorite actor?...adam sandler
who is your favorite actress?...
what is your favorite tv show? on one
what is your favorite movie?...grease
have you ever been in love?
what is the best feeling in the world...finding out that the one who you love loves you too.
what is the worst feeling in the world?...knowing that you won't see your loved ones anymore.

night or day...night
chocolate or vanilla...chocolate
pen or pencil...pen
hard or soft...soft
cold or hot...cold
wet or dry...dry
theater or
firm or fluffy...fluffy
fruit or veggies...fruit
words of wisdom.... nothing gold can stay...
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(no subject)

I was checkin out who be postin up in here and barely anybody be postin anythin. so i'm a post up in this piece to contribute to this fab community..... but if ya'll are lookin for a new friend holla at me ya knoe.... i aint got no friends due to......... i don't knoe....? haha!!
okae i'm a quit writing in here for now.... iight then piece to all and much alofaz.
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Check this out!

You guys know what? I was asking my dad questions about his cultral background (Samoan)... and he started telling me how he was related to the king of Western Samoa... Well... I always thought it was the king... but come to find out... they don't have kings... They have very high ranking chiefs... and the last of the 3 king type guys that's still alive, Malietoa... He's my great great uncle... isn't that cool?!?! He's my dad's grandmother's brother... how totally cool is that?!?! And then I was kinda trying to confirm it with my sister-in-law... and she said that it was true (she knows her Samoan roots)... so isn't that AWESOME?!?! I have royalty in my blood =0D Hecka heck yesss!!!


Love, Akalina


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(no subject)

hey. im half samoan half filipino. i know theres a lot of girls on this community. so i hope you dont mind filling out a girl survey.

What do you value most in a guy upon first meeting? personality or physical appearance?

Name the top TWO PERSONALITIES you value in a guy.

Name the top TWO qualities you value in a guy's PHYSICAL APPEARANCE.

In your opinion, what do you find attractive in a guy?

How do you prefer a guy approach you?

What do you think is the number one problem with guys nowadays when it comes to attracting the opposite sex?

I am doing a research project on how guys can attract girls effectively. If you have any other comments or opinions relating to this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

-Josh L.

What do you think is the

translation request

Hoping you guys can help me, I'm trying to get the phrase "Hello, I love you" translated into all the Polynesian/South Pacific Islands languages so I can print them all on a t-shirt.
Can anyone provide some translations? (and let me know which language you providing, please!)
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